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Both of these people are English political thinkers with different views 

Jean-Jacques Rousseau 

An important work by Rousseau is Emile, its written in the form of a novel the work is a general discussion on the education should foster, and not restrict,children’s natural instincts. Unlike many Enlightenment thinkers, Rousseau believed that emotions, as well as reason were important to human development. He sought a balance between heart and mind, between emotions and reason.

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John Locke

He wrote a politicial work called “Two Treaties of Government” and viewed the exercise of politicial power quite differently. Locke believed that before society was organized humans lived in a state of equality and freedom rather than a state of war, however Locke believed that problems existed in the state of nature. To Locke people meant the landholding aristocracy not landless masses. Locke was not an advocate of democracy but his ideas proved important to both Americans and French in the eighteenth century.  Lockes ideas can be found in the American Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution.

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