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Lesson Plans

SPELLING: Each month students will be given a Speller’s Choice Menu. Four times a week, they will have the opportunity to earn 25 bonus points. Speller’s Choice is optional; however, it is a great tool to actually learn spelling words instead of the boredom of redundant memorizations only to forget after test day. Students should have spelling words in their homework folder at all times. There will be a pretest on Wednesday and a final test on Friday. Students, who make 100% on Wednesday, will be exempt from Friday’s final.


READING: Students will have reading homework nightly with the exception of the last day of the school week. This is not a punishment. It is an advantage to meet goals and benchmarks through fluency and comprehension practice. A parent signature will be required each night. Reading tests will be given on the last day of the school week. This test will include comprehension questions over the story, vocabualry terms (located in take home folder), and language arts concepts taught that week. Students will also be assigned leveled groups based off of benchmarks.


MATH: Math tests will be given at the end of each chapter. Work not completed in class will be brought home and should be completed by the following day. Students will be given an additional grade for math facts. Multiplication (0 through 10) should be mastered by the end of third grade. I will send home a deadline schedule for each group. Students will be challenged with periodic drills, Math Facts in a Flash, and quizzes Accelerated math(AM) will be implemented to strengthen understanding. AM is not to be printed at home.


SOCIAL STUDIES/SCIENCE: These subjects will be implemented into the reading curriculum. There will be “family” projects to motivate learning. These are not test subjects in the 3rd grade, however, they allow students to be exposed to nonfiction materials, hands on real world thoughts. This will also lighten the struggle for testing on the 5th grade OSTP in these subjects.


GRAMMAR/WRITTING: Language arts concepts will be within the reading block and added to the reading test at the end of the school week. Students will have to write a paragraph from this year, learning poetry, and learning cursive.


AR: Points and ZPD (zone of proximal development), which is basicallly their reading zone, will be assigned after taking the STAR test. Students will be given time to read in the classroom, however, it is very beneficial to students, if they choose to read a bare minimum of 15-30 minutes per night. They will be given specific book levels within their zone and a goal to meet by the end of each 9 weeks. Each time they score three 100’s, anther zone window will be opened. This helps build vocabulary, increase fluency, and strengthen comprehension. Incentives re given. Students will keep traack of their own progress. Percentage scored is very important. Please encourage them to read to enjoy, not read just for points. After goals are set, students are required to read chapter books only, unless specified by the teacher.